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What is LL Notebook?

LL Notebook is a blazingly fast data exploration tool, developed by LiquidLandscape. Our proprietary technology enables interactive data visualization of extremely large datasets, so that anyone can quickly and intuitively interrogate their big data.

Would you try to wade across a river that was on average 4 ft deep? LL Notebook allows you to go beyond summary statistics and see the depth of the entire river - to interactively explore the full distributions of your data set.

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Each dimension in the data becomes a simple chart that is linked to every other chart in the workspace. Interacting with one will update all of the others, allowing you to explore patterns and relationships across multiple dimensions - think of it as a pivot table on steroids.

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How is it used?

LL Notebook is a web-application. It can be used in a wide variety of domains, including:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

LL Notebook is designed to connect to and query existing data sources in-place - your raw data never leaves your infrastructure. Quickly build and share notebooks with your team to encourage data-driven discussions.

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Test Drive LL Notebook

LL Notebook's focus on distributions is unlike other visualization tools you may have used, so let's cover a few main concepts before diving in.

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    Numerical data dimensions are represented using histograms. In this example, we see that our dataset contains 14 million mothers between the age of 30 and 32.

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    Interacting with one chart applies filters to all the others. In this example, a filter range is applied by dragging the cursor across the bars. Green is selected data, gray is excluded data.

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    Drag the selection to search for interesting patterns and trends. In this example, we see an increase in older mothers over the decades.

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    Categorical data dimensions have their own chart types. You can apply filters by clicking on the bar chart, or quickly step through categories in sequence.

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    Adding more charts allows you to ask increasingly complex questions. Filters can be arbitrarily combined across charts.

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    You can add text and annotations to help tell your data story. Green hyperlinks in the text are clickable snapshots that apply a set of saved filters.

Now try one of the live demos below for yourself!

Start exploring your own data with LL Notebook

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About Us

Headquartered in San Francisco; proud graduate of the Barclays/Techstars Fintech Accelerator (London 2015) and the Mayo Clinic/TechStars++ program. Prior to starting LiquidLandscape, both founders worked in quantitative finance for major investment banks.

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If you like functional programming, pushing the boundaries of data visualization, or were inspired by one of the demos to build your own LL Notebooks - we'd love to talk with you.

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